How to Recover deleted messages from someone’s phone

The often familiar questions that continue to go through people’s mind as regards getting to recover someone’s deleted messages cannot be over emphasized. People keep wondering if it is actually possible to retrieve someone’s deleted messages or it is just an exaggeration of words or perhaps its untrue. Loads of questions keep popping out such as; How can i view and read my partners deleted messages? How can i see my spouse deleted iMessages? Is it possible to retrieve someone’s messages even after they might have deleted them? Can i recover deleted texts sent between my employees and the list goes on and on but i tell you it is REAL and it is very possible to recover any deleted messages be it text messages or messages from social media platforms such as the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat etc. from someone’s mobile phone.

It is totally possible to recover deleted messages from anyone’s mobile phone be it your husband or wife, a cheating partner or a cheating spouse, your employees at work, your kids, your colleagues, friends. A recent study has found it that majority of the people wanting to recover deleted messages from other people’s mobile phone happen to be cases arising from infidelity; cheating partner cases; a cheating partner or a cheating spouse.

How can i retrieve deleted text messages from my Partner’s Phone? My wife often times deletes all her text messages regularly. How can i view and read all deleted texts on her mobile phone?

I have been taking time to notice and observe my wife for a number of days now because she always comes back home keeping late nights. I am beginning to get suspicious that she might be cheating behind my back and having an affair. She spends a lot of time on her phone busy exchanging text messages late at night. Like seriously, who exchanges text messages late in the middle of the night for crying out loud? My wife does. I need to find out who she texts constantly so often on a daily basis. I don’t seem to trust her anymore. Anytime i have the opportunity to get hold of her mobile phone, its always locked. Something she never did before, just recently i discovered she started to lock and password her mobile phone. I had to confront her to unlock her phone and give to me but when i checked through her phone, all the messages were all gone, definitely she must have deleted them”. Please i need to find out a way to gain access to all her deleted texts, tell me how can i be able to retrieve and recover all deleted messages from my wife’s phone?

This happens to be a request from a client sometimes back, a husband wanting to gain access into his wife’s phone so as to recover her deleted messages in order to prove infidelity that she had been cheating behind his back and having an affair outside. In clear terms, technically, deleted text messages can certainly be retrieved and recovered.

There are quite a number of spy applications and also mobile data recovery software which can be used to recover deleted items such as messages or contents. The problem this might pose for you is how to identify the right one that will successfully get the job done of retrieving and recovering the exact deleted messages which you are after. For instance for an iPhone device, its a possibility to retrieve and recover deleted text messages by using iTunes or iCloud. There are also some specific professional data recovery tools which can as well perform this function.

Legendary Hacks, a proven ethical and professional expert, renders this service as well if you need to recover and retrieve any deleted messages or content from anyone’s mobile phone be it android or iOS device; working with the best ultramodern hack toolkits and equipment specifically designed to perform such task and function. If you need help recover any deleted text messages of any kind;



9 thoughts on “How to Recover deleted messages from someone’s phone

  1. Please I need your help out.
    I suspect my wife is cheating on me. She spends several hours chatting and texting up until late in the night often times. Just recently i was able to get hold of her phone while she was asleep and discovered all chats and texts are so few; i believe she must have deleted and cleared them off.
    Are you able to get me remote access to all deleted text messages and Whatsapp chats from her device from the past 3 months. She uses an iPhone 11 pro.

    What will be the cost for this service?


  2. Hi.

    Can you help me recover deleted texts of the past 6 months from an iPhone belonging to my ex-boyfriend. I can provide the phone number if needed.


  3. I need to recover my husband’s iPhone deleted messages and also Whatsapp deleted messages. Tell me, what do i need to do?


  4. Need help. How much do you charge as am in need of your help to recover deleted info and messages from my partner’s cell phone. Can you recover deleted messages/chats off social media as well?



    1. I need to find out if you can give me a print out of all the deleted whatsapp messages from my wife’s mobile for the last one year, or the most possible time from a Metro PCS. Phone. And how much you will charge.


  5. My partner is very good at deleting stuffs and he does it so well; how can you help me get access to his cellphone, i need you to recover deleted messages for the past 2 months between him and a colleague of mine who i suspect they are both having an affair


  6. I request for this service. Need to get access to deleted messages off my spouse iPhone device from June 10 – August 27 of this year precisely; i need the evidence of the deleted messages between my spouse and his ex for a court case urgently. How much is the service?


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